Climatic Station of Gundersheim, 193 m a.s.l.

University of Mainz


 © Dipl.-Geogr. Martin Werner

Research project in co-operation with the department of geography, university of Mainz

Micro-climatic study in Gundersheim (Rheinhessen) with the help of mobile and stationary climatic measurements.

Scientific responsibility: Dr. habil. Hans-Joachim Fuchs

The southern part of Rheinhessen belongs with a precipitation of 450-500 mm per year to one of the areas of Germany with the smallest precipitation. The hypothesis that especially Gundersheim may be the driest place of whole Germany make a research study to a special task. To proove this, 3 permanently measuring climatic stations of different situation were installed in the area of Gundersheim. Since the year 1995 the micro-climate is being registered and analysed.

The stations are maintained by Mr. Martin Werner and his father Mr. Hubert Werner. The data are measured with modern instruments sponsored by the department of geography, university of Mainz. The data are analysed and visualized with the help of a special program.

Mobile measurements are also taken. These additional measurements provide important results for the topic of the micro-climate in the area of Gundersheim. A special attention is given to heavy rain falls, draught, cold air flows as well as frost endangerment. The special climate conditions in the research area cause strong influences a.o.t. to the hydrology of the intensively cultivated land. Climate-ecological consultations are presented for the farmers and winegrowers of the region. In the newspaper (Allgemeine Zeitung Worms) regularly articles are published, which give information on the course of the weather of the last month als well as extreme events.

In regular intervals the results of the analysis are published in scientific journals and monographs, which give details in the area-climatic situation of Gundersheim. In addition, the provided homepage represents a platform, in order to make the results to the public accessible.