Climatic Station of Gundersheim, 193 m a.s.l.

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Hubert Werner


About us

My name is Martin.

The interest in the weather developed already early in my childhood. It was from special interest whether the snow will remain lying or the snow will thaw away. I was always inspired by snow. This was the starting point to begin with my first weather recordings. That was in winter 1980/81. The weather became my hobby. All my spare-time I spent to gain my knowledge by reading books. In 1982 I already observed 3 times the day the temperature, air pressure, precipitation and the kind of the clouds.

In the year 1984 I spent a practical course by the German Weather Service (GWS). For me, that was like a dream! The time passed so quick: even I became acquainted with the "weather frogs" from the news of the day personally. It was like immersing into a new world. The whole stay was very helping and instructively. Afterwards I changed my recordings to the standards of the GWS, exactly as I had learned it from the professionals.

In the summer 1994 I began with the study of geography at the Johannes Gutenberg university in Mainz. At home I built myself a climatic station in the garden and used conventional analogeous instruments to register temperature, humidity and air pressure. A speciality at this time was a digital clock of CASIO that stored the temperature every hour. For a research project I got from the department of geography instruments that measure in accordance with the WMO standard. On my own, I requested 2 further locations for climatic stations from the district administration in Alzey.

"Martin, how does the weather becomes?" Still today my friends and neighbours ask me like that and I often simply answer them: "How the weather becomes tomorrow, I cannot say exactly, but I can tell you tomorrow how the weather today was - quite exactly - and with accurate values of the temperature, humidity, rainfall, and so on..."

Or, I say in fun to them: "Does the cock on the muck crows, then the weather changes or remains like it is!"

Weather forecasts are not the task of a geographer, specialised in climate, but a meteorologist. He regards the present condition of the atmosphere and provides by satellite photographs a weather forecast.

Climatologists are concerned less with the momentary weather conditions than with long-term observations. The emphasis of its work lies in the statistic evaluation of the measured values.

 My name is Hubert

Since the year 1999 I am a pensioner. In former times, when I was still in my occupation, I always thought of this time and said to myself: "If you are at home, somedays, then you will have more time for all your hobbies. Then the time comes, where you can take up again the things, which you had to reset due to your occupation. You can bring many activities then finally to end."

But after 1 year now I have to say that my visions from that time didn't arrive yet. But I say that without any annoyance. There are various reasons I dont want to mention, but two of this reasons I would like to talk about in a few words...

Each pensioner enters from one day to the other a "new world". The term "new world" does not refer to a new period of life but this period of life cannot be compared to any former section. It is everything different...

So far, everything was purposefully arranged upward in life, school, professional training, further trainings. One developed on the other and was always the basis for the coming. The requirements in my profession constantly increased and there were some problems to solve. Thus, I do not want to say that I had no fun: no, it was a beautiful and a good time, which I remember still gladly.

Today now - and that's what I wanted to say - today, I don't have the agitation and the stress no more. Everything is based now on a volunteered basis. Now, where "the chains are broken" and I may choose completely free over my time, first of all activities, that I done, was to do nothing, to pass the first months completely inactive at home, and lazy...

But I did not feel this inactivity as unpleasant, as boring. But after a certain time I felt more and more a source of energy inside me that urged me to do something meaningful. Now the time had come to turn over to the hobbies like I planned it in my thoughts.

But stop! Before I was able to pick up some activities in my hobbies, I had to view another point which I like to mention now: In the course of many years some work in the garden and in the house remained unfinished, incomplete or was in treatment, or just at the beginning. Many plans I had in my thoughts, many ideas what to realize in the house, in the garden... and often ideas had been replaced by better ideas. But except the planning in my thoughts nothing was realized because simply the time was missing and so all plans were reset until now...

And so I found myself with these "refuse dumps", no imagination where to start, where to begin because of the enormous amount of work to do. Therefore I had to make a schedule of the most urgent works to finish them first. But it took time: at about one year, I checked point by point and didn't start anything other. Finally, it was done... So everyone of you may assume that I could not dedicate myself to my hobbies yet.

But there is one exception. During some years now I helped my son with the maintenance of the climatic stations, especially when he was not at home. Even it was inevitable due to a longer foreign stay of my son to clean the instruments, to type in the data and to analyse them in the PC.

Whether I alone on myself or we together drive to the stations: we have always a lot of fun!

We both are a condemn good team!


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Kind regards, Martin & Hubert Werner